Vlog: Wonderful “Wonderfalls”

by T. Mack

Back in 2004, Wonderfalls was a series without a chance. Its network ordered 13 episodes, but only aired four… out of order and on two different nights. Can you guess which network it was? FOX, of course!

Eventually, though, all 13 episodes saw the light of day when the complete series was released on DVD. More than a decade later, very few people remember the series. I happen to be one of the few and over the years, I’ve shared my love of the show with close friends who were willing to give it the time of day. Taylor happened to be such a friend. Together, we’d like to share a bit about the show with you.



If you blinked in 2004, you might have missed this gem of a TV show. Check out T. Mack and Taylor’s review this Friday to find out about this (mostly) forgotten series and where you can go to enjoy all 13 wonder[fall] episodes.

T’s Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch This Summer

By T. Mack


The networks have released their premiere dates for this Fall. Most will begin airing new episodes the week of September 21. Although you’ll have to wait until the week of October 6 for most of your CW favorites. So what to do in the mean-time? Binge-watch complete series, of course! Here’s my top ten non-current (meaning cancelled or completed) shows for you to view in their entirety and become completely obsessed with during the Summer hiatus. Though, let’s keep it real… Any time is a good time to binge-watch complete series!

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