Do we need more remakes and prequels??

By: Dani

Everyone knows that I have mixed feelings on doing reboots of TV shows that were hits because I think it is very rare that a reboot does justice to the original. And we have a ton of reboots that are possibly in the works for some of our favorite childhood shows. Check out this article I did to learn about a few. Well, now it turns out that we have just as many (if not more) reboots of movies to look forward to in the next few years. And not only do we have reboots coming, but now film companies are pouncing on to the idea of doing prequels…for, like, EVERYTHING!!! Continue reading

In Defense of Fanfiction

by Jennifer

writeratkeyboardThe first Twilight movie was released on November 21, 2008, my son’s first birthday. Prior to that, first my sister and then a librarian friend of mine had told me that I should read the books, but I had resisted. I’m typically not a trendy girl so I tend to wait until things have been rolling along for a while to give it a go. When a girlfriend recommended that I join her and another friend to see the movie, I went along for a girl’s night replete with dinner and my first – and what I thought would be my only – viewing of Twilight. Continue reading