By Jen P

tmnt batman comic crossover 2

That’s right. You heard me. Leo and the gang are headed to Gotham to team up with the bat. DC Comics and IDW Publishing are producing a TMNT/Batman crossover comic, scheduled to hit shelves in November. Written by James Tynion (Batman Eternal, Constantine) and drawn by Freddie Williams II (Robin, Captain Atom), the mashup has already garnered lots of attention since its announcement at San Diego Comic Con last week, with a story placing the turtles in a battle against Shredder (no surprise there), General Krang, and most likely a whole slew of Batman villains to go up against along the way. Apparently, Krang has sent the turtles and Shredder across dimensions in an effort to finally rid himself of them all. The comic will be released as a 6-part miniseries with a new edition each week once it debuts. Continue reading

TMNT 2?!?!?!?! What. The. Literal. F***?

By: Jen P.


*WARNING: I’m going to curse… A LOT*

Can we rename this franchise “FU-TMNT?” Just to differentiate between the quality level from the 80’s to now. Even the modern cartoon is pretty good, but this… I had no idea this… this… GARBAGE had even been greenlit, but apparently, they’re going to wrap soon. Possibly as soon as Sunday. Why? Tell me why this SHIT got okayed for number two. Michael Bay has made every attempt humanly possible to ruin my childhood franchise by franchise over the past decade.  Continue reading