For the love… of Mermaids

By Jen P

mermaid ariel swimming

This will show my age, but the first Disney princess I remember is Ariel. I competed with my friends for the best mermaid hair in the pool, yearned for my own shimmering green tail, and sang Part of Your World so many times, my mom banned it from the house. And with her bright red hair and rebellious streak, she’s a female role model who stands the test of time.

Whether they’re falling in love with a handsome prince or singing to lure sailors to a watery grave, I’m fascinated by mermaids in media. But what is it about these saucy sirens that appeals to us land-locked mortals? Continue reading


By T. Mack

little-mermaidMore than a year ago, a Universal Pictures project was announced that would be a live-action version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. Although most people associate the title with the happy ending Disney animated version of the story, it is actually a much darker tale with an ending that is much less chipper than the one Disney has made us most familiar with. While the new film has plans to be kid-friendly, it will follow the story of the book rather than the famous animated movie. Continue reading