T’s (Other) Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch This Summer

By T. Mack


I am a bit of a television junkie. As a matter of fact, I watch so much television that in order to create a list of only 10 shows to recommend, I had to set strict guidelines. My previous list had only shows that were concluded, canceled and considered ended. Those titles offered complete closure to the stories and the satisfaction of being able to gobble up all the episodes at once. This list has my top shows that still have more to come. You can start at the beginning and catch up to what’s current, but you’ll have to cope with the sweet agony of anticipation as you wait for the next episodes of these shows to hit your TV.

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COMIC CON GOODNESS: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Trailer

By T. Mack

The CW panel at SDCC isn’t until tonight. And during it, there will no doubt be more goodness and news to come at us. However, the network didn’t wait to give their awesome new trailer exclusively to the attenders of the con. Yesterday, they released another trailer for the Arrow and The Flash spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow. (While the video didn’t debut at the con, I’m still counting it as Comic Con Goodness because we all know it was specifically timed to coincide with the events this weekend)

The series begins airing mid-season and will likely offer lots and lots of cross-overs with its predecessors. Yay! The new video, called Hero Evolution, is awesome! Check it out below then take to the comments to tell us whether or not you will be watching this new show when it comes to television in 2016. To see the first official trailer for the show, click here.