A Girl Can Dream

By T. Mack

Sooooo… last night I went to bed with steam drifting from my ears over the Black Widow situation. I woke up this morning determined to ease my troubled mind by finding myself some Black Widow satisfaction. The goddesses of geekiness, whoever and wherever they may be, smiled on me and granted me these videos. The first is a trailer and the second is a title sequence. Both are for a Black Widow movie that does not exist and as far as we know, is not in the works. But a girl can dream. Enjoy, my Sister Geeks, and bask with me in the awesomeness that could be: Continue reading


By T. Mack

It’s making headlines all over. Black Widow is missing from nearly all the Age of Ultron merchandise. And it’s been pointed out that this is not the first time this has happened. Last year, it was hard to find the beautiful, green Gamora on much of the materials showcasing Guardians of the Galaxy, even though she, just like Black Widow, kicks as much butt as her male counterparts. SO not cool, Marvel. Continue reading

10 Reasons We Love… FIREFLY

By T. Mack

Firefly cast

Television shows come and go. Some overstay their welcome—I’m looking at you, Season 9 of Scrubs—and others are far too fleeting. One show that falls into the latter category is Firefly. This show, helmed by Joss Whedon (whom we love) and mishandled by FOX, had only 14 episodes in 2002. Yet, more than a decade later, the geek community still loves and actively embraces the characters, stories and culture of the show. Here are ten reason why… Continue reading

A Treat!

By T. Mack

Breathe, girls. Just… breathe. Ooooooooooh, goodness!

Recently as part of our first Sister Geeks Vlog, we had a conversation about half-naked Chris Hemsworth because, well, why wouldn’t we? It’s half-naked Chris Hemsworth. YUMMY!

With that in mind, Continue reading

10 Reasons We Love… ELIZA DUSHKU

by T. Mack

FotorCreatedElizaDCollage21. She is so, so, very HOT.

Obviously, Eliza Patricia Dushku is a gorgeous woman. She is sexy and classy with just a hint that she could be a little bit dirty. We likey! Eliza is on my list of “famous freebies.” My husband knows. Not surprisingly, he’s okay with it. Normally I don’t have the urge to get down and dirty with ladies, but for this particular woman, I would quickly make an exception. She is beautiful. She is talented. She is fierce and I adore her! Amazingly, though, this is only one of many reasons to love her. Continue reading


A photo of Jared Leto as the Joker made waves two weeks ago. Now we’ve been given a picture of the entire Task Force X, better known as The Suicide Squad. I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn and am very excited for this movie. What do you think of the look for the group?