T’s (Other) Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch This Summer

By T. Mack


I am a bit of a television junkie. As a matter of fact, I watch so much television that in order to create a list of only 10 shows to recommend, I had to set strict guidelines. My previous list had only shows that were concluded, canceled and considered ended. Those titles offered complete closure to the stories and the satisfaction of being able to gobble up all the episodes at once. This list has my top shows that still have more to come. You can start at the beginning and catch up to what’s current, but you’ll have to cope with the sweet agony of anticipation as you wait for the next episodes of these shows to hit your TV.

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We HEART Jared Padalecki, too!

By T. Mack


Jared Padalecki via Twitter: “View from stage. #ComicCon”

It’s no secret that we here at Sister Geeks enjoy the CW’s Supernatural and love, love, LOVE the hunky chunk of man-meat that is Jensen Ackles (check out all the reasons why here and here). And while we don’t swoon quite as hard for the more serious Moose as we do for the fun-loving Squirrel, it doesn’t mean we don’t love him. Because we do. As a matter of fact, I wish I could have been part of the fan-love that was thrown at Padalecki this past weekend at SDCC. Fans of the actor and the show made a gesture of support following the actor’s coming clean months ago about his battle with depression.

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10 Reasons We Love… JENSEN ACKLES

By T. Mack

JA 1For the last three weeks, I’ve binge-watched Supernatural, the CW show about two brothers who hunt and kill the things that go bump in the night. The show is heading into its 11th season this Fall and I will be more than ready for it. But after staring at this face on my screen for so many hours and days, I now have an overwhelming need–not desire, but need–to talk about Jensen Ackles. Because… oh, my damn!

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By Jen P.

If Redneck Avengers wasn’t enough Fun for your Sun, here’s something for the Supernatural fans. Stay until the end, you won’t regret it. Would we lead you astray?

“Supernatural Parody” by the Hillywood Show:

Now you can’t get this out of your head:

“But I keep cruising, black Impala moving, ‘s like I got this brother, by my side, sayin ‘it’s gonna be alright!'”