By Jen P

Supernatural sums up our summer of monsters quite well, don’t you think? Tune in Friday for a recap of all the monsters we covered this summer, from the horrible to the sweet and everything in-between. Do you have a favorite monster we covered, or maybe one we didn’t? Continue reading


by T. Mack

SWL wallpaper

So, I’m having a difficult time. I was given a crisp $50 bill for Christmas and I’ve spent the last five days trying to decide exactly what to do with it. I know I want geek gear, but I’m not sure if I should I focus on Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly or Sherlock. It’s so hard to make a decision. Then I remembered, there is a way to rep three of my four faves at the same time. Over to Etsy I went and typed in SUPERWHOLOCK. Help me make a selection, won’t you?  Continue reading


By T. Mack


More than a decade ago, the CW network introduced the world to the Winchester brothers. Dean and Sam were just like any other bros. They fought, argued and called each other names, but they had each others’ backs in a jam. Unlike typical brothers, however, they also happened to battle dark forces like vampires, ghosts, demons and werewolves. The guys have now been fighting the good fight for ten seasons and the next chapter of their story begins this October when Season 11 premieres. This seems like a good time to take a look back at the road so far…

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