By Jen P

A few months back, the internet was introduced to Lord Ingvard’s versions of female super hero costumes along with this explanation:

“I love comics and superheroes as much as the next nerd, but the women’s costumes—sweet mother of Moses!—the COSTUMES. At the very least, highly impractical. And at worst, incredibly sexist. I mean, EXTREMELY so.

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by T. Mack

Currently, geeky girls can look up to and be proud of two very different, but equally awesome superhero ladies with successful television series. Supergirl is on network television. Jessica Jones is on Netflix. Supergirl is DC. Jessica is Marvel. Supes is family-friendly. Jones is anything but. And yet, both signal a positive shift in female representation in media. I think we can all agree that Jessica Jones is a success! And now, Supergirl has gotten the order from CBS for 7 additional episodes. That brings the count to 20 and the classification to a full-season order. Yeah-yah!! Continue reading

VLOG: New Shows We’re Watching

Before this Fall’s new shows began, Sister Geeks got together to talk about which ones we were most excited to see. The list was long! Now that the season has started, reality has set in and we have each found the ones that we’ll be sticking with the entire season. These lists are considerably shorter. Check out this latest VLOG to find out what new shows have managed to keep us watching.

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Geek News: “SUPERGIRL” PILOT LEAKED (and I totally did not watch it then write a review into this article)

By T. Mack

supergirlThe highly anticipated series, Supergirl, is coming to CBS this Fall. Yet, somehow, a full-length, high-resolution copy of the pilot episode hit torrent sites last week, a full six months before it is set to premier. The copy was a surprise to the sites and is conspicuously missing any watermarks or notices that it is only for review purposes. This has led some people to suspect that CBS intentionally leaked the episode in order to build more hype and anticipation about the series. The world may never know.

However, since the episode is out there, some have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity and preview the pilot half a year before it’s premier date. I’m not one of those people. Of course. Continue reading