by Jennifer


A bit of surprising news came down the pike on Friday as the BBC announced that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat would be stepping down and Chris Chibnall would be replacing him after series ten in 2017. In addition, Doctor Who will have only the Christmas special in 2016; Moffat’s final season will not air until the first part of 2017. Chibnall will take over the show’s helm for series eleven in 2018.  Continue reading

10 Reasons We Love… RIVER SONG

By T. Mack


Since her introduction in season four of Doctor Who‘s regenerated life, River Song has managed to become an instant classic character in the show’s epic line-up. The brain-child of Steven Moffat, River first showed up with David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, went on an emotional journey through time with Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, and is scheduled to meet up with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor during this week’s Christmas special. River is vivacious and voluptuous, sexy and romantic, a badass with a vulnerable side. She’s a doctor in her own right, a professor, a historian and an archaeologist. She has been Cleopatra, she created the oldest graffiti in the universe, she breaks out of high security space prison whenever she feels like it and she jumps out of space ships into deadly outer space while wearing a ballgown and a smile. She’s just totally stinkin’ cool! Here are only 10 of the innumerable reasons to love River Song. Continue reading


By T. Mack

River_1It’s been a busy week and I’ve been a little out of the loop on Geek News. That’s why it’s so great to have the blogosphere. While I was slacking, Geekritique reported on Wednesday that River Song is set to appear in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. The return of the character is one no one was sure we’d ever get. Alex Kingston, who plays the vivacious wife of the Doctor, had been open about her desire to see River return. However, the character’s story line seemed to have played itself all the way out during Matt Smith’s reign as 11th Doctor. While there was a loop hole that was wide enough for River to comfortably step through, there was no indication until recently that show-runner, Steven Moffat, would take advantage of it. Continue reading

A Rant About ‘Doctor Who’ & Clara Oswin Oswald

By T. Mack


A good friend and fellow Doctor Who fanatic recently informed me he was sitting down to re-watch Season 8 of the iconic sci-fi series. I immediately tried to dissuade him. I reminded him of the rage and pain he’d felt throughout his first viewing of it. I told him that no good could come from it. I explained that it would only make him angrier, grumpier and sadder. I even reminded him of the tragedies of the story-telling that I knew he’d made a point to block out.

“You don’t want to relive these things,” I said. “They were painful. You blocked them out for a reason.”

Even so, he pushed forward. Over the course of the next five days, I received a series of  text messages filled with despair and rage over the storyline, the missed opportunities, the wasted characters and the tragic handling of our beloved television series. I don’t think I refrained from issuing at least one, “I told you so.” He asked me who was to blame for the mess that was Season 8. I answered swiftly and succinctly… Steven Moffat. Continue reading

COMIC CON GOODNESS: First Trailer for Sherlock Victorian Christmas Special

By. T. Mack

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Comic Con brings so much goodness. Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Victorian Christmas special.

Geek Tyrant reports that Steven Moffat has yet to begin writing the show’s fourth season. So we still have quite a while to wait for it. In the meantime, we SHERLOCKED masses will simply have to look forward to the Christmas special and let it hold us over until the next full-length, 3-episode season.