American Gods: A Double Review

by T. Mack

AmericanGods_art cropped

American Gods is a book by Neil Gaiman, first published in 2001. It is also a television series based on the book which aires on the STARZ network. Both iterations tell the story of Shadow Moon, a felon who is released three days early from prison due to a family tragedy. On the way to the funeral, Shadow meets Mr. Wednesday, who offers him a job as a chauffeur, valet, and overall manservant. This encounter sets in motion events in Shadow’s life that are amazing, devastating, tragic, and triumphant. It sends him on a journey of discovery, whether he wants to go or not. In the end, Shadow could end up a hero, a martyr, back in jail, or the King of America.

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“The Battle Joined”

By Jennifer

The title of the first episode of Outlander’s third season, “The Battle Joined”, is a fitting title for this review because, in many senses, it encompasses the theme of the entire season to come. As someone who has read the books multiple times, I know what’s ahead for these characters, but, as a fan of the show, knowing what will happen is not the same as knowing how it will play out on screen. If you wonder why readers want to watch adaptations of their favorite books, what the cast and crew of Outlander put on screen should answer that question for all time. To take the grand tomes that Gabaldon has created and then boil them down to thirteen hours of television is a monumental task, but to do it in a way that consistently brings fans back even after a fourteen-month hiatus is Herculean.

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Outlander Returns April 9th

by Jennifer

Outlander Season 2 Marketing Shoot

Put on your best tartan, everyone, and pour your favorite scotch because this week is THE WEEK. When Outlander’s second season premieres this coming Saturday, it will have been 315 days since a new episode last aired on Starz. Now, the show returns for 13 episodes – with no Droughtlander to interrupt, as with season one – covering the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s series, Dragonfly in Amber. The second season premiere will air at 9 pm Eastern (8 pm Central) on Saturday, April 9th.

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10 Reasons We Love… OUTLANDER (TV SHOW)

By Jennifer

outlanderLast week, I brought you an introduction to Outlander the book series and hopefully piqued your interest in Diana Gabaldon’s work. The series encompasses not just books, but a graphic novel and now a television series. Produced by Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Roswell), the show premiered in August 2014 on Starz, a venue which allowed the show sixteen episodes to cover the first book of the series and retain all of the (sexy) fun and (historical) excitement it contains.

With that in mind, if you’re more of a fan of the visual or even if you need some help imagining what specifically is going on at any given moment in Outlander, here are ten reasons you should be watching Outlander the television series:

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By T. Mack

american godsBefore I share the news of the television show based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, that is coming to the Starz network, I have to gush for just a minute. I can’t possibly begin to write about this adaptation, developed and written by one of my favorite guys, Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls) until I’ve spent just a minute explaining why Neil Gaiman is so awesome and thus, why this news is so thrilling. If I could, I would take this moment to explain that Starz is a wonderful option for this adaptation because they are a premium channel with production power and funding like HBO and Showtime without the commitment to overabundant nudity and profanity that the other networks seem to have. If I didn’t have other things to talk about first, I might also give a reminder that Starz is the same network that brought us the last season of Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff featuring Captain Jack Harkness. But all that has to wait, because… NEIL!!!!

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