New Shows – Quick Reviews

by T. Mack

The new season of TV is in full swing and new shows abound. Here’s the scoop on seven of them…

The Gifted


    Quick Review: The Gifted is built on a foundation of the X-Men comics. In the show’s reality, the X-Men are gone and mutants are being ostracized and hunted. A lawyer who prosecutes mutants finds himself on the other side of things when his own children are discovered to have powers and begin being hunted by the very people with whom he used to work. The series is well-crafted and features great acting talent as well as an exciting and intriguing story. The focus isn’t on powers, but people and their relationships. As with all X-Men material, themes of prejudice are heavily explored. I highly recommend everyone check out this series if you haven’t already.

     Shield Rating: 4.5 SHIELDS4.5 SG Shields

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Fandom Funnies: Happy Birthday, TNG!

by T. Mack

It’s Star Trek week! Well, it is in my heart, anyway. Sunday brought us the brand new show, Star Trek: Discovery. And yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of my favorite Star Trek series, The Next Generation.


In honor of the event, Screen Junkies has given us a magnificent TNG Honest Trailer. If you remember the show, this will take you back. If you don’t remember it, you’ll still recognize at least some of the faces and marvel at how young they looked. Except Patrick Stewart, who looks EXACTLY THE SAME! Seriously, this show aired three decades ago and he was pretty old back then. Anyway…

Happy 30th, TNG!


A Mysterious Discovery (A Review of Star Trek: Discovery)

by T. Mack

Star-Trek-Discovery 1

The Star Trek universe has been an integral part of American pop culture since the original television series premiered in 1966. Since then, there have been four additional TV shows and eight movies. These include the three recent films which rebooted the series by featuring a new generation of actors playing the original characters. This week, Star Trek: Discovery, the sixth TV series in the Star Trek universe, premiered on CBS. And while it was good, it was also a bit of a mystery to this fan, who’s been exposed to Star Trek since I was big enough to sit on my parent’s knees watching the original series with them and wishing I could have tribbles of my own. This series feels like it veers away from what I believe to be some of the fundamental features of the universe. And that’s a mystery to me. Stick with me and I’ll explain.

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