T’s Top 10 Favorite Books

By T. Mack

20151105_083849The Fall is a great time to curl up with a steaming mug of your favorite hot beverage and a really good book. Depending on your location and the day’s weather pattern, you can either hang outside under the shade of a tree or bundle up inside beside a nice, warm fire. Either way, it makes for a great setting to relax and escape into a good book. This month, SisterGeeks is featuring books for our Top 10 category. I’m kicking us off with my Top 10 Favorite books. Continue reading


By T. Mack

mercy_thompson (2)

We do love the supernatural around here. The Mercy Thompson series of books by Patricia Briggs gives us a heap of all the stuff we like most about the genre. Made for an adult audience, the books revolve around main character, Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson. Told from her first-person perspective, the stories follow Mercy’s adventures as she deals with werewolves, vampires, witches, Fae and more. Here are ten reasons you should be reading this series:

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