Top 5 Lamest Disney Animated Films

By Jen P

By now, any of you who’ve read my articles know that I love Disney. I try to visit the parks once a year, I dress up like Belle for cons, and my kids are even named after characters from a Disney video game. But that being said, Disney isn’t without its flaws.

From gaping plot holes to straight-up racism, Disney has a secret world of sh*t they’d like you to forget about. So grab your popcorn, and read on as I break down my grievances with the most magical media conglomerate on Earth from their least offensive tripe to the blatantly obnoxious. Continue reading


By T. Mack

It’s making headlines all over. Black Widow is missing from nearly all the Age of Ultron merchandise. And it’s been pointed out that this is not the first time this has happened. Last year, it was hard to find the beautiful, green Gamora on much of the materials showcasing Guardians of the Galaxy, even though she, just like Black Widow, kicks as much butt as her male counterparts. SO not cool, Marvel. Continue reading