#FlashBackFriday: Badass Ladies From Old Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV

by T. Mack

Today, two badass women of current Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV come back to our screens with new seasons of their respective shows.


So this seems like a great time to highlight other badass ladies of Sci-Fi and Fantasy television who have been favorites of mine in the past. All these ladies still hold very special places in my heart. The list, of course, is not exhaustive. It just contains some favorites from my DVD collection. (These are in no particular order.)

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10 Reasons We Love… FIREFLY

By T. Mack

Firefly cast

Television shows come and go. Some overstay their welcome—I’m looking at you, Season 9 of Scrubs—and others are far too fleeting. One show that falls into the latter category is Firefly. This show, helmed by Joss Whedon (whom we love) and mishandled by FOX, had only 14 episodes in 2002. Yet, more than a decade later, the geek community still loves and actively embraces the characters, stories and culture of the show. Here are ten reason why… Continue reading