So Emotional: Saying No to Fear, but Yes to Tears

by T. Mack

fear 3

Many of my friends enjoy watching films and television shows that engage the fear center of their brains. They enjoy being scared, creeped out, and terrified by the the images and suggestions on the screen. From It and Halloween to American Horror Story and The Haunting of Hill House, these folks enjoy the adrenaline rush that fear brings. They actually get irritated if the film or TV show doesn’t scare them as sufficiently as they hoped it would when it began. For the record, I am not one of those wacky, fear-chasing people. Continue reading


By: Dani


By now, most of you know that Finding Nemo is finally getting the sequel it so rightfully deserves. Thanks in large part to Ellen DeGeneres and her never-ending campaign to bring our favorite fishies back to the big-screen. The sequel, Finding Dory, will hit theaters on June 17, 2016, 13 years after the original was released. Lucky 13, maybe?? The movie will focus on Dory this time around (Ellen definitely got her wish!) and her search for her family that she sorta-kinda remembers. Although it has been 13 years in real time, the movie will pick up only 6 months after the original left off. I don’t know the average lifespan of clown fish or whatever kind of fish Dory is, but I think that makes sense.

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COMIC CON NEWS: Merida Joins Season 5 of ‘Once Upon a Time’

By: T. Mack

A new addition to ABC’s Once Upon a Time was announced today during the show’s panel at SDCC. Merida from the Pixar film, Brave, will join the cast of the show’s 5th season. The spunky, redheaded archer was revealed in a new clip that shows off her skills with a bow and reminds us of the first time we were exposed to her wild and unruly signature mane. Merida will be played by Amy Manson (Atlantis). Check out the clip below and let us know in the comments if you will be tuning in to OUAT this Fall.