So Emotional: Saying No to Fear, but Yes to Tears

by T. Mack

fear 3

Many of my friends enjoy watching films and television shows that engage the fear center of their brains. They enjoy being scared, creeped out, and terrified by the the images and suggestions on the screen. From It and Halloween to American Horror Story and The Haunting of Hill House, these folks enjoy the adrenaline rush that fear brings. They actually get irritated if the film or TV show doesn’t scare them as sufficiently as they hoped it would when it began. For the record, I am not one of those wacky, fear-chasing people. Continue reading

My Immortal Loves… Gone Too Soon

By T. Mack

Beautiful ImmortalsI have a soft spot for television shows with immortal, male protagonists. I really enjoy the characters who are old-fashioned romantics of an impossible age. They are dark, brooding, solitary and cautious. They either avoid romantic entanglements or are forced to leave out a lot of personal information due to the complicated nature of their lives. They always have a single confidante who knows all their secrets and regrets. As a day job, they tend to fight crime. I hold in my heart a special affection for three particular shows featuring such characters. Each one managed to live only a single season on television. Their cancellations broke my heart. However, they live on, immortal in my memory.

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