Comedy Gets Gut-Punched by Hannah Gadsby

by T. Mack

Hannah Gadsby, a well-known comedian from Tasmania, is quitting comedy. She has her reasons, and in her new Netflix comedy special, Nanette, she tells all about them. If a comedy special seems like a strange place to announce a retirement from comedy, you’re not wrong. Gadsby even admits as much. But the show is her platform and up until now, comedy has been the only voice she’s had to be heard. So Gadsby uses both the platform and her voice to give a few laughs, tell some stories, and educate viewers about some very serious matters.


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3 Netflix Shows Worth Binging Now

by T. Mack

Hey, geeks! If you know me you know I watch a LOT of television. And though my choices usually stay within a pretty consistent box, I’ve recently stepped out and tried a few other things that wouldn’t normally be on my radar. I’ve been (mostly) pleasantly surprised. And I’ve been reminded of a valuable lesson: Try new things every now and then. It may bring you more joy than you’d have imagined. Remember that, kids.

TV watching square

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Vlog: Things We Look Forward to in 2018

Has the new year got you down? Have you already given up on all your resolutions? Well, let the Sister Geeks remedy what ails you with a list of things we’re looking forward to in 2018. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make some fresh resolutions to check out a new show or read a few books. Best of all, there’s no gym membership required.

Stranger Things

by Taylor

Today’s the day, Strangers! Season 2 of Stranger Things is FINALLY here! Call in sick to work, disconnect your phone, and turn on Netflix. It’s time to binge! But first, let’s talk about some of the theories from Season 1 and a few of the things that definitely need to be in Season 2.

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