I’m Loving Nathan Fillion & The Muppets

By T. Mack

KandP breakupThe Muppets come to ABC later this month. Their new show will utilize a documentary-style setup that many will remember from The Office. The audience will be shown more of the characters’ “real lives” than we’ve gotten to see before. The promotion for this series has been a lot of fun, pulling the characters into the real world to help set up and sell the structure of the show.

Several weeks ago, Kermit and Miss Piggy took to Twitter to publicly announce their breakup. And the commercials have featured various Muppets interacting with other stars of the network, such as Anthony Anderson (Black-ish), Kerry Washington (Scandal) and one of my personal favorite geeks, Nathan Fillion (Castle). It’s the Fillion ads that have especially caught my attention. They’ve gone from funny to slightly scandalous and I LOVE IT! Check out the progression below then hit the comments. Tell me if you’ll be checking out The Muppets premier on Tuesday, September 22.

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COMIC CON GOODNESS: Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Release Trailer for Webshow that Spoofs Their Post-Firefly Careers

By T. Mack

Alan Tudyk, who played pilot Wash on Firefly, has written and directed a web series based on his experiences at science fiction conventions following the cancellation and enduring popularity of the show. Nathan Fillion stars on the show with him. Other Firefly actors make cameo appearances on the series, titled Con Man.

Tudyk and Fillion raised more than $3 million in crowdfunding on Indiegogo to develop the series. The first full-length trailer for the show was released this weekend at SDCC. Check it out below then let us know if you’ll be checking it out once it hits the web.



By T. Mack

Since Nathan Fillion is one of my very favorite everythings, any excuse to look at him, talk about him, or laugh with him is an excuse I’m going to take, even if it’s a lame one. Fortunately for me, this video is a anything but lame. Fillion is in a suit, on a plane, being naughty. What’s not to love?

This short film, “MAN ON THE MOON,” is by Tyler Shields and stars geek god Fillion as a nameless  man on a plane. Set the day of the Moon Landing, July 24, 1969, the film is a part of the new series, Historical Fiction, which is currently on display at The Andrew Weiss Gallery. The film has no dialogue, but doesn’t actually need any. Sometimes, a look says it all. Enjoy!

You know what they say… If the plane is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!