By: Dani

There is some potentially disappointing, and possibly embarrassing, news about the final installment of the Divergent series, Ascendant. Due to the lackluster performance of Allegiant, the third theatrical release in the franchise, it looks like there will be a ‘Straight-to-TV’ release for Ascendant. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the likelihood of a small-screen debut is looking very strong. Continue reading

Movie Review: JEM

By Jen P

jem 5

I, like most discerning movie watchers, skipped Jem when it came out last year. Another 80’s-cartoon-turned-modern-day-film just didn’t fit in my theater budget. Especially when there were no superheros or truly outrageous special effects to be seen in the trailer (See what I did there?). But on a random Thursday night, when I had a little free time and an extra 2$ to spare, I stopped at a Redbox and picked up last year’s box office failure. Something made me choose it over the critically acclaimed The Martian; fan favorite, The Mockingjay; or sillier fare, such as The Night Before and Daddy’s Home. And I missed ALL of those in the theater. So imagine my surprise, when Jem turned out to be an entertaining treat for the whole family. Sure, plot holes abound, and some of the acting was sub-par, but the music was on point, and I ended up ignoring all the flaws because of the sheer joy and good message the film delivered.  Continue reading

The New ‘Power Rangers’ & The Film We’ll Never See In Theaters

by T. Mack 

original power rangers

Honestly, I never thought much about it, But if I had, I would not have thought a Power Rangers major motion picture would happen… Until recently, that is. Because recently, Hollywood has stopped trying to have unique ideas. Instead, the Hollywood machines seem to be focused on having their cash cows regurgitate my childhood, throw it up, call it fresh and see if I’ll swallow it. With that strategy firmly in place, we now have a Power Rangers movie coming in 2017 (I’ve got details on that film below). But in truth, this show already got the most amazing movie it will ever have. And you’ll never see it in theaters. Fortunately for you, I’ve got the entire thing for you to watch right here a the bottom of this article.  Continue reading