by T. Mack


Universal Pictures listened to us following Snow White and the Huntsman. We didn’t like K-Stew. She’s out. We loved Charlize. She’s back. We hated the underdeveloped and awkward romantic non-plot. This time, love is determined to conquer all. What’s that you say? There was no humor in the last movie? Here you go… jokes, jokes everywhere! Thank you, Universal, for listening. Too bad the result was an entertaining but messy bit of cinema that felt like there were far too many cooks in the kitchen while it was being baked. Continue reading


By Ana

Movies iconI love movies based on Stephen King books. It doesn’t matter if they’re outdated, I’ll still watch them. I could watch The Stand over and over again. So when I heard that the movie A Good Marriage was now on Netflix, I happily clicked the play button. A Good Marriage is based on the short story by Stephen King with the same name. It’s included in a book of short stories called Full Dark, No Stars. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend you do. It is a great example of King’s knack for creating characters that everyone feels they’ve known forever. His gift for taking ordinary people and tossing them into evil situations leaves readers rubbing their hands together in delight. Now that I’ve loved on the book a little bit, let’s move on to talking about the movie, shall we? Continue reading

Movie Review: ANT-MAN

By T. Mack

Movies iconI’ve always known I that I have issues with roaches. I got married partly because my dad was no longer there to take care of those giant, flying monstrosities that plague Alabama during the summer. Just the thought of Stormship Troopers gives me more nightmares than sitting through The Exorcist. But I didn’t think ants bothered me much… until I watched Marvel’s Ant-Man and found out that swarms of the critters on a 30-foot screen is enough to make my skin crawl for two solid hours.

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