A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to This Critique: A “Cloak & Dagger” Review

by T. Mack


I have to start with this: I don’t trust the whole “Freeform” name change. To be fair, I’ve been through a lot of name changes with this channel already. From “The Family Channel” to “Fox Family” in the 90’s to “ABC Family” in the 00’s. I stuck by it. But now this “Freeform” business has me thrown. It feels random and ridiculous. I get that they want to appeal to younger audiences and I understand they want that audience to know that they have fresh, edgier content. So I get why they dropped the “family.” I don’t like it, but I get it. However, this new name doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t even make any sense! It’s just stupid and kind of arbitrary! Surely, there was a better choice than this. To be honest, I was basically determined to completely put down the network and all its programming over the whole thing. I mean, they flat-out told me I wasn’t their demographic, anyway. So why bother? Then they announced they were doing a Marvel show. (Because they’re owned by Disney, so of course they are!) Now, you all know how much I love, love, and LOVE me some Marvel. So naturally, I had to see what kind of disaster they made out of this new endeavor. (My expectation was basically a repeat of the Inhumans debacle on a teeny-bopper scale.) So I tuned in to watch the train wreck, snicker to myself, and go on about my business continuing to ignore the stupidly re-named network. But then a strange thing happened…

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Geek News: The New Iron Man is a Black Woman!

by T. Mack

Marvel Comics has been working hard to diversify their cast of characters in recent years. They have focused efforts on making more of their superheroes women as well as people of color. The results have been positive: Miles Morales as Spiderman, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, Jane Foster as female Thor. Now the company is taking things to another level. And I, for one, absolutely love it! Though, to be fair, I may be biased. Continue reading


by T. Mack

This weekend, Captain America: Civil War hit theaters and is already a massive success! On the heels of this film adaptation of Marvel’s epic Civil War comic series, the company is releasing a sequel comic series that begins next month. Civil War II is coming! Check out the trailer right here.

Have you seen ‘Captain America: Civil War’ yet? What do you think of the new ‘Civil War II’ comic series? Whose side will you choose?Let me know your thoughts in the comments.