#FlashBackFriday: Badass Ladies From Old Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV

by T. Mack

Today, two badass women of current Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV come back to our screens with new seasons of their respective shows.


So this seems like a great time to highlight other badass ladies of Sci-Fi and Fantasy television who have been favorites of mine in the past. All these ladies still hold very special places in my heart. The list, of course, is not exhaustive. It just contains some favorites from my DVD collection. (These are in no particular order.)

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10 Reasons We Love… LOST GIRL

By Ana

Lost Girl Cast PHotoIn less than one week, the final episodes of Lost Girl begin airing on the Canadian channel, Showcase. So far, we’ve been able to follow Bo on her adventures in the world of the Fae for four and a half seasons. Part two of  the fifth and final season hits the airwaves this Sunday, so now is a great time to talk about this series and some of the reasons to love it. Just a disclaimer: Season 1 is a little shaky in the first few episodes, but if you can hang in there, you’ll be binge watching before you know it. SPOILERS MAY BE BELOW.
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T’s (Other) Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch This Summer

By T. Mack


I am a bit of a television junkie. As a matter of fact, I watch so much television that in order to create a list of only 10 shows to recommend, I had to set strict guidelines. My previous list had only shows that were concluded, canceled and considered ended. Those titles offered complete closure to the stories and the satisfaction of being able to gobble up all the episodes at once. This list has my top shows that still have more to come. You can start at the beginning and catch up to what’s current, but you’ll have to cope with the sweet agony of anticipation as you wait for the next episodes of these shows to hit your TV.

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