VLOG: New Shows We’re Watching

Before this Fall’s new shows began, Sister Geeks got together to talk about which ones we were most excited to see. The list was long! Now that the season has started, reality has set in and we have each found the ones that we’ll be sticking with the entire season. These lists are considerably shorter. Check out this latest VLOG to find out what new shows have managed to keep us watching.

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By T. Mack


The new CBS show, Limitless, is based on the 2011 movie of the same name about a man who discovers a drug, NTZ, that gives him superhuman intelligence. The movie starred Bradley Cooper, so the series now stars Jake McDorman, a man who looks and sounds almost exactly like Bradley Cooper. The pilot follows the same general plot a the film, but adds the ridiculous element of… SPOILER { the main character establishing a relationship with the FBI, who will supply him with this his daily dose of illegal drugs as long as he works as a consultant for them } END SPOILER


See? Told you they look alike.

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LIMITLESS: Another New Show Coming This Fall

By T. Mack


In 2011, Bradley Cooper starred in Limitless, a film about a man who discovers a drug called NTZ which allows access to 100% of brain power* and makes a person’s abilities nearly–you guessed it–limitless. The film was a pretty good time and getting to stare at Bradley Cooper for two hours just made it  that much better. Now, Cooper will reprise his role (in a recurring capacity) and act as producer on a new television series based on the movie. The show will premier this Fall on CBS and pick up after the events of the film. Check out the preview for the new series below. Continue reading