Geek News: “SUPERGIRL” PILOT LEAKED (and I totally did not watch it then write a review into this article)

By T. Mack

supergirlThe highly anticipated series, Supergirl, is coming to CBS this Fall. Yet, somehow, a full-length, high-resolution copy of the pilot episode hit torrent sites last week, a full six months before it is set to premier. The copy was a surprise to the sites and is conspicuously missing any watermarks or notices that it is only for review purposes. This has led some people to suspect that CBS intentionally leaked the episode in order to build more hype and anticipation about the series. The world may never know.

However, since the episode is out there, some have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity and preview the pilot half a year before it’s premier date. I’m not one of those people. Of course. Continue reading