Geek Chic: Ugly Christmas Sweater Edition

By Jen P

Yeah, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. And no, I’m not one of those Christmas-season-begins-the-day-after-Halloween crazies. But I am a realist; and there’s a tiny window before the crazies descend upon the good merch and clear it out. (I’m speaking from experience. I waited until the last minute last year and had to settle for a Target Star Wars sweater when I really wanted a suit covered in leg lamps.) So if you want to impress at this years office Christmas party, read on and buy some of this epic stock before December first. You can thank me later.  Continue reading


By T. Mack

Our Sister Geek, Jen P, and her family have a very special relationship with Kingdom Hearts, the video game series by Disney which features an array of characters from Disney movies and cartoons as they go on quests to collect … you guessed it… kingdom hearts. Normally, she would be the one to write about the new game and the fresh trailer released this week at E3 2015. Alas, she is on vacation and it falls to me to give all the squee-worthy details that fans of the series have desperately been awaiting.

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