By T. Mack


More than a decade ago, the CW network introduced the world to the Winchester brothers. Dean and Sam were just like any other bros. They fought, argued and called each other names, but they had each others’ backs in a jam. Unlike typical brothers, however, they also happened to battle dark forces like vampires, ghosts, demons and werewolves. The guys have now been fighting the good fight for ten seasons and the next chapter of their story begins this October when Season 11 premieres. This seems like a good time to take a look back at the road so far…

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10 Reasons We Love… JENSEN ACKLES

By T. Mack

JA 1For the last three weeks, I’ve binge-watched Supernatural, the CW show about two brothers who hunt and kill the things that go bump in the night. The show is heading into its 11th season this Fall and I will be more than ready for it. But after staring at this face on my screen for so many hours and days, I now have an overwhelming need–not desire, but need–to talk about Jensen Ackles. Because… oh, my damn!

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TMNT 2?!?!?!?! What. The. Literal. F***?

By: Jen P.


*WARNING: I’m going to curse… A LOT*

Can we rename this franchise “FU-TMNT?” Just to differentiate between the quality level from the 80’s to now. Even the modern cartoon is pretty good, but this… I had no idea this… this… GARBAGE had even been greenlit, but apparently, they’re going to wrap soon. Possibly as soon as Sunday. Why? Tell me why this SHIT got okayed for number two. Michael Bay has made every attempt humanly possible to ruin my childhood franchise by franchise over the past decade.  Continue reading