Did you know???

Sister Geeks is now on Instagram!unnamedHave you ever wanted a look behind the curtain? A peek inside the real lives of the ladies who make this site possible? Well, if so, then head on over to our Instagram page by clicking the icon above, or the link here. We hope you’ll check us out. Feel free to like, follow, share, and comment on anything you enjoy.

Want to know a secret? Shhh, lean in closely. This one’s kind of a big deal. Ready? Here it is: If you submit your own geeky photos to Jen P at sistergeek.jenp@gmail.com, you could be featured as our Insta-fan of the week! That’s right, you could have your picture displayed proudly on our wall, for all of Instagram to see. Just send the photo with a short description and no more than two hashtags, Jen P will crop and add a fun filter, and voila! You’re famous! (Disclaimer: No guarantee of fame following Insta-fan status) Most of all, have fun! We’d love to get to know you better, just keep the images PG please. Jen P doesn’t want to have to scoop her eyes out with a spoon. Thank you.

Happy submitting, fellow geeks!