VLOG: New Shows We’re Watching

Before this Fall’s new shows began, Sister Geeks got together to talk about which ones we were most excited to see. The list was long! Now that the season has started, reality has set in and we have each found the ones that we’ll be sticking with the entire season. These lists are considerably shorter. Check out this latest VLOG to find out what new shows have managed to keep us watching.

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COMIC CON GOODNESS: New Extended Trailer for ‘Heroes Reborn’

By T. Mack

This Fall, NBC is bringing back their popular series about ordinary people who develop super powers and make choices that turn them into heroes or villains and possibly both. Heroes Reborn will bring back some characters and cast from the original series as well as introduce new characters. This weekend at SDCC, NBC released a new, extended trailer for the series. Check it out below. Then go to the comments and let us know if you’re excited about the return of these characters and this world.



By T. Mack

Heroes fans are rejoicing. The saga continues this Fall with Heroes Reborn, a brand new, 13-episode mini series. NBC announced this week that the series will premier on Thursday, September 24 at 8 p.m. Prior to that premier, however, there will be a digital series which will introduce new characters and storylines that will play a significant part in the new show.

Are you excited about Heroes Reborn? What did you love about the original series? Sound off in the comments.