Happy New Year, Geeks!

by T. Mack

Happy New Year Fireworks

It’s a new year, ladies and gentlemen! This is the unofficial time for us all to evaluate the past year, our love and loss, triumphs and tragedies, victories, defeats, successes and failures. It’s a time of transition, the perfect moment to decide what we want to do differently and how we want to change our future. It’s time to make promises to ourselves (that we probably won’t keep), commitments to change (that will likely not be met) and resolutions for a better life (that 95% of people break within the first week).

But here’s the thing…

Even though we often don’t manage to keep our resolutions, commitments, and promises, it’s important that we make them. Why? Because as long as we’re trying, it means we care. It means we desire to be better, which is great. Because that desire is the first step in actually becoming better. So let’s make our resolutions, our commitments, our promises for a better future. Then let’s strive to keep them and create the better future of which we dream. That is the only way the dreams can ever come true. Let’s make 2018 our year. Let’s make this new year the one when our dreams come true!


Stay tuned every day this week for resolutions from all the Sister Geeks and find out the plans we have for 2018. Take to the comments and let us know your New Year’s resolutions. We’d love to hear from you!

inverted fireworks 2017.png

Dear Geeks,

As you all know, we lost too many of the greats in 2016. We’ve grieved legends from TV, Music, Movies, Sports and more, and some particularly tough ones in the last week. But though we may have had a bad year, we’ve much to celebrate too.

  • Sistergeeks.net celebrated it’s first birthday in 2016. Happy birthday to us!
  • The world got it’s first stand-alone Star Wars movie, reminding us why Darth Vader is the ultimate bad guy.
  • Disney tackled racism with Zootopia and grossed over a billion dollars doing it, making it the third most successful movie of the year behind Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory. That is, until we find out how Rogue One does.
  • And ladies reigned with an all female Ghostbusters, Beyonce’s Lemonade album, and Moana (Disney’s really killin’ it this year), who proved she didn’t need a prince to be a success.

If you’re still skeptical, check out these two articles that list some of the best things 2016 left us with at NY Daily News and Us Magazine, and you’re sure to feel better about what might otherwise be THE SUCKIEST YEAR OF ALL TIME. That being said, can we resolve to protect the remaining gods of pop culture until science advances, then upload them to The Cloud forever?

Stay tuned this week for the Sister Geeks’ actual resolutions, and feel free to comment your own as we welcome 2017. It’s been a rough one, but here’s to sad farewells and new beginnings. We love you all, fellow geeks! Happy new year!


Jen P