“I Believe in a Former Life I Was Coffee”: GG Revived & Reviewed

by Jennifer


When the news came out that Netflix was reviving Gilmore Girls, the news was splashed across my Facebook wall and my Twitter feed, and then my phone blew up with a number of texts.

When the trailer premiered and I watched it on my phone, my computer, and then my Roku, I cried.

When the final scene faded from the screen, my butt was sore from sitting on it for too long and my eyes and heart were aching from the roller coaster ride I had just been treated to finally.

Thank goodness Gilmore Girls is back.

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‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Gets a Trailer!

by Jennifer

On Monday, Michael Ausiello of TVLine.com teased something big coming from Netflix on Tuesday, October 25th. If it’s coming from Ausiello, the ultimate Gilmore Girls fan, then it had to be the one thing that Gilmore Girls fans have been missing in the run-up to the revival’s premiere on November 25th: a trailer. Sure enough, after months of stills and posters and onset photos whipping fans into a frenzy, Netflix released a two-and-a-half minute trailer of the four 90-minute episodes.

And every blessed second of it is GLORIOUS!


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Gilmore Girls:A Year in the Life Gets a Premiere Date – Finally!

by Jennifer


Ah, Thanksgiving. Next to Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday: family, fall, food, and football. It’s the best of everything. This year, Thanksgiving will be Thursday, November 24th, just in case you haven’t thought that far ahead about your year.

The next day, of course, is known colloquially as Black Friday, the day that retailers hope consumers will turn out in droves to spend money on Christmas gifts. However, this year, this Sister Geek will not be joining the fray. No, no, I have four very good reasons to sit my butt on my sofa, turn on Netflix, and ignore my family on Friday, November 25th:

Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall

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Geek News: The Gilmore Girls Revival Gets a Title and a Teaser Poster – Finally!

by Jennifer


Filming on the Gilmore Girls revival wrapped last week and finally we’ve been treated to some news about what to expect from the four ninety-minute episodic movies expected later this year. Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the revival, but hints dropped here and there point toward a late 2016 release. What Netflix and Lorelai Gilmore herself did treat us to is just enough to whip GG fans into a caffeinated frenzy. Continue reading

Geek News: Gilmore Girls Update

by Jennifer


Finally, the cavalcade of casting news has trickled to a slow drip-drip-drip of news from Stars Hollow. Recently tours of the Warner Brothers Studio lot have yielded some images that have aroused speculation amongst the fandom, including a few props that seemed to be for a wedding, though whose wedding that might be is up for debate (Luke & Lorelai perhaps?).  A recent Entertainment Weekly article plus those ubiquitous set pictures (shared on a variety of social media networks, including the Instagram account @gilmoregirlsonly) left little tantalizing breadcrumbs for clues, but still no good solid knowledge about the plots of the four new episodes, their release date, or, heck, certainty that this might be the last we see of Gilmore Girls. Continue reading

Huzzah! The Gilmore Girls Are Back!

by Jennifer


The Gilmore Girls news is coming fast and furious as we gear up for the return of the classic mother-daughter show on Netflix. In addition to learning the names of each episode, this past week brought news of more cast members signing on for this reunion as well as the start of filming(!) and some intrigue about a certain cast member’s return to Stars Hollow.  Continue reading


by Jennifer


As you may remember from my October article, Netflix is reviving Gilmore Girls for four ninety-minute movie/episodes, each set in a particular season and those four episodes to cover at least a year in the lives of Lorelai and Rory and their friends and family. The Palladinos are set to return as director and producer, but, outside of that, the negotiations with the cast are ongoing and nothing has yet been confirmed as to who is – and is not – returning. Most of the original cast seems keen on being a part of the new episodes and a couple of interesting tidbits of news have arisen since the initial news broke in October.  Continue reading

Gilmore Girls Returns in Four Parts – Can You Guess Why?

by Jennifer

Now that the dust has settled on the news of the return of Gilmore Girls to Netflix sometime in the next year, the format of said return, four ninety-minute movies/episodes, makes some sense after the tidbit we learned this past Monday. Michael Ausiello, editor of the blog TVLine and world’s biggest Gilmore Girls fan (so big that he appeared in episode 5.19, But I’m a Gilmore!), reported on his site that the four movies/episodes each will be tied to a season of the year, i.e., winter, spring, summer, and fall. At ninety minutes in length and tied to a particular season, I thought it might be fun to speculate for a moment on what will happen in each. Continue reading


by Jennifer


If you were wondering what that loud noise around the tubes was Monday afternoon, it was the collective screams of Gilmore Girls fans around the world who heard the news that Netflix, that improbable savior of a number of previously defunct series, had announced that it would revive Gilmore Girls, which ran 2000 – 2007, first on the WB and then on the CW, in four ninety-minute episodes. Continue reading