Everything I’m Looking Forward to in June

By: Taylor

May is almost over and soon June will be upon us. And June is not holding back with the entertainment. There are tons of new books, movies, and returning shows making their appearance in June and this geeky girl could not be more excited. I’ve started to mark all these wonderful upcoming things in my calendar so I do not miss one amazing moment of anything. Follow me along as I go through all the things I’m looking forward to in June!

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Geeky Gift-Giving, Pt 1: STAR WARS

by T. Mack

It’s that time again, geeks… the season we spend way too much money showering our loved ones with crap they’ll love, but don’t actually need. If you’ve got geeks in your life, you’ll know that gift-giving can be an exciting, but nerve-wracking process. This week, I’ve got your back. I’ll be helping you find cool, but cost-effective, gifts for the geeks in your life. First up, a few things for Star Wars fans:

Star Wars.jpg

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My (Geeky) Resolutions for 2016

by Jennifer


The past year was a great year for geeks girls everywhere: Outlander arrived with its eye candy (and hella good story); the Hunger Games franchise released its last movie, which was depressingly close to the book, but a great watch nonetheless; J.K. Rowling spread more post-Potter love with tidbits from the Potterverse, including a trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and – of course – Sister Geeks was born. Now, as we transition into a new year and a new set of fun things for the Sister Geeks community to do and read and watch, I thought I would make a wee list of things that I resolve to do. Continue reading