Fandom Funnies

By Jen P

Hopefully, you’re all getting your copies of KH3 today. I stocked up on Red Bull and Doritos in preparation of a week of minimal sunlight and tired eyes. So, before we’re holed up in our caves gaming for the rest of the week, let’s take a minute to remember why we love the original so much. Check out this video from 2014 of our geek queen, Felicia Day playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time.

The Ladies Level Up with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

By Jen P

Being a huge fan of the Uncharted franchise, I wasn’t sure what to expect from their newest installment, The Lost Legacy. It’s the first of the Uncharted series not to feature protagonist Nathan Drake, who’s been the gaming girl’s answer to uber-sexy Lara Croft since 2007.

uncharted gif nathan.gif

I love you too, Drake. *sigh*

Butt-hurt over my missing eye candy, I was skeptical of a female-led version of Uncharted–especially considering that both the main female protagonists have been Drake’s antagonists at some point during the franchise.

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By Suzanne


While we wait impatiently for E3 this June, most of what we can do is speculate about what our favorite game developers have been up to in the past year. E3 is a magical time of year when gamers anticipate big project reveals and exciting new gameplay footage from their favorite gaming giants. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all seem to be generating hype for their own mystery works, but apparently the biggest excitement is around Bethesda. According to a Game Informer poll this week, the Bethesda press conference at E3 has people more excited than any other this year. No doubt this is because of the anticipation of Fallout 4.
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