Everything I’m Looking Forward to in June

By: Taylor

May is almost over and soon June will be upon us. And June is not holding back with the entertainment. There are tons of new books, movies, and returning shows making their appearance in June and this geeky girl could not be more excited. I’ve started to mark all these wonderful upcoming things in my calendar so I do not miss one amazing moment of anything. Follow me along as I go through all the things I’m looking forward to in June!

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May Favorites!

By: Taylor

May is almost over! And I feel like I’ve enjoyed so many things this month and there are still so many more things to watch/see/read/do before this month is over! May has been such a good month for entertainment and geekdom! Join me on this journey while I explore all the things I’ve loved this month so far!

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Top 10 Fandom Ships

By: Taylor

Love is in the air! That means it’s time to talk about my favorite fandom ships. This list is comprised mostly of ships that are canon and maybe one or two that I just want or wish would happen really, really bad. Some of these ships are classic and so full of love that I still ugly cry when I watch their episodes when they fall in love and ugly cry even more when they get in fights. Ugh, it’s making me emotional just thinking about it. Let’s start with the list* before my eyes spring a leak.

*In no particular order

Also, this list may contain spoilers if you haven’t read/watched the books, shows, or movies these ships are from. Read at your own risk.

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Geek Chic: Ugly Christmas Sweater Edition

By Jen P

Yeah, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. And no, I’m not one of those Christmas-season-begins-the-day-after-Halloween crazies. But I am a realist; and there’s a tiny window before the crazies descend upon the good merch and clear it out. (I’m speaking from experience. I waited until the last minute last year and had to settle for a Target Star Wars sweater when I really wanted a suit covered in leg lamps.) So if you want to impress at this years office Christmas party, read on and buy some of this epic stock before December first. You can thank me later.  Continue reading


by T. Mack

SWL wallpaper

So, I’m having a difficult time. I was given a crisp $50 bill for Christmas and I’ve spent the last five days trying to decide exactly what to do with it. I know I want geek gear, but I’m not sure if I should I focus on Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly or Sherlock. It’s so hard to make a decision. Then I remembered, there is a way to rep three of my four faves at the same time. Over to Etsy I went and typed in SUPERWHOLOCK. Help me make a selection, won’t you?  Continue reading