Outlander Season 3 Casting Update + a Bonus

by Jennifer

Joe Abernathy – Wil Johnson


Joe is Claire’s fellow doctor and friend, the person she trusts most in Boston, where she is a surgeon. As she wrestles with what to do next after finding out that Jamie survived Culloden, Joe becomes her touchstone and Brianna’s guardian. British actor Wil Johnson has been tapped to play Joe to Balfe’s Claire. His previous credits include British television dramas such as Waking the Dead, Emmerdale, and The Five.

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Geek News: Gilmore Girls Update

by Jennifer


Finally, the cavalcade of casting news has trickled to a slow drip-drip-drip of news from Stars Hollow. Recently tours of the Warner Brothers Studio lot have yielded some images that have aroused speculation amongst the fandom, including a few props that seemed to be for a wedding, though whose wedding that might be is up for debate (Luke & Lorelai perhaps?).  A recent Entertainment Weekly article plus those ubiquitous set pictures (shared on a variety of social media networks, including the Instagram account @gilmoregirlsonly) left little tantalizing breadcrumbs for clues, but still no good solid knowledge about the plots of the four new episodes, their release date, or, heck, certainty that this might be the last we see of Gilmore Girls. Continue reading