Review: Beauty and the Beast 2017

By Jen P

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All nineties kids know the story: beautiful Belle gives her freedom to the terrible (but really not so terrible) Beast, in exchange for her father’s life. We’ve seen Belle and the Beast dine and dance and snowball-fight their way to a friendship… then love. And we’ve seen it all come to a head as the last petal of the rose falls. What we hadn’t noticed, was Disney’s slow decent into the cash-grab frenzy of Hollywood remakes. Until now. Ugh. Continue reading

Just How Devoted Am I to ‘Harry Potter’ Alumni?

By T. Mack

I recently watched a movie preview starring two alums from the Harry Potter movie series. I squee’d hard because one of them is Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and she is utterly amazing. The other is David Thewlis (Remus Lupin), who is maybe less awesome to me than Watson, but cool in his own right. Based on this alone, I was ready to be excited for the film. Then I watched the rest of the trailer. Ummm…

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