Book Review: BITTEN

By T. Mack

book1Between the Mercy Thompson series, the Alpha and Omega Series and this series, people are going to start thinking I won’t read anything but stories about werewolves. I promise that’s not the case. I just really, really like a good werewolf tale. The question is whether or not Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong, actually is a good werewolf tale. Well…

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 By Ana

television9Since I loved on Syfy’s show, Lost Girl, recently, I thought I’d give the cable network another shout out. If you haven’t seen the show Bitten, you’re missing another show that has some great potential. So far, Syfy has given the show three seasons. In case you haven’t had a moment to stumble on to this gem, dust it off, and admire its beauty, let me enlighten you, oh innocent ones.

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