For the Love of… Demons

By Jen P

Sometimes they’re cute, sometimes they’re sexy, and sometimes, they’re flat-out scary. From the broody fallen angel to the thing that goes bump in the night, demons populate our entertainment and our nightmares. They are the basis of evil, morphing into the myths of vampires, werewolves, and many other monsters throughout history. They’re blamed for the downfall of man and they’re the cause of all horrors in the world. Yet, if you believe in the Christian theology of demons, they were created from the purest of all creatures when God’s favorite angel, Lucifer, fell, thus becoming what some would call the first and worst demon of all.

Read on to experience a tour of the demonic in modern pop culture, from the friendly to the… well, to the demonic. Whether you like them good or bad, they make for hella good entertainment. Continue reading

The Sister Geeks Summer of Monsters


Hey, geeks! Summer is almost upon us! You know what that means: blockbuster movies, beach reads, and the unfortunate but necessary television hiatus. Never fear! We here at Sister Geeks have something special brewing for you this summer. And we’re hoping it- along with your vacation, your Netflix binging, your movie-watching, your book-reading, and your swimming- will help the weeks and months fly by.

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