Twilight for Grownups: A Review of A Discovery of Witches on AMC

By Jen P

As some of you may recall, T. Mack and I delved into The All Souls Trilogy back in 2015. We read the goliath of a novel that is A Discovery of Witches, drank some moscato, and dropped our wine-honest thoughts on camera so you could decide for yourself whether it’s worth the read (You can check that out here). But even though the series was a hefty endeavor, I still found some magic in it, and when I heard it was being made into a TV show, and that many of my favorite actors would be cast in leading roles, I couldn’t wait to check it out. That was four years ago! But finally, it’s here! I binge-watched it like a lunatic, and here’s what I have to say about this slightly pretentious, vampire/witch romantic drama:

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Vlog 5: A Discovery of Witches

by Ana

SG wine 2

In this humorous yet extremely focused vlog, Sister Geeks T. Mack and Jen P. discuss the book A Discovery of Witches, written by Deborah Harkness.  The girls daintily sip on glasses of wine as they channel the book’s vampire character Matthew Clairmont.  You’ll definitely get your smile on as well as get a thorough book review mixed in with some delightful moments- and this is all rolled into one glorious video!  Enjoy!  Share!  Comment and Like! Continue reading