by T. Mack

Currently, geeky girls can look up to and be proud of two very different, but equally awesome superhero ladies with successful television series. Supergirl is on network television. Jessica Jones is on Netflix. Supergirl is DC. Jessica is Marvel. Supes is family-friendly. Jones is anything but. And yet, both signal a positive shift in female representation in media. I think we can all agree that Jessica Jones is a success! And now, Supergirl has gotten the order from CBS for 7 additional episodes. That brings the count to 20 and the classification to a full-season order. Yeah-yah!! Continue reading


By T. Mack


The new CBS show, Limitless, is based on the 2011 movie of the same name about a man who discovers a drug, NTZ, that gives him superhuman intelligence. The movie starred Bradley Cooper, so the series now stars Jake McDorman, a man who looks and sounds almost exactly like Bradley Cooper. The pilot follows the same general plot a the film, but adds the ridiculous element of… SPOILER { the main character establishing a relationship with the FBI, who will supply him with this his daily dose of illegal drugs as long as he works as a consultant for them } END SPOILER


See? Told you they look alike.

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Geek News: ALANA DE LA GARZA IS BACK ON MY TV THIS FALL! (“Yay!” & “Squeee!”)

By T. Mack

My heart broke back in May when news hit that one of my favorite new shows of the 2014-15 season would not receive renewal. I was slightly (or possibly a lot more than slightly) devastated to learn that there would be no more Forever, the CBS show about an immortal man and his quest to understand his condition. But the TV gods have now sent a gift for the Fall to help soothe the pain of loss. Her name is Alana De La Garza!

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