SUMMER 2016: 5 Previously Released Movies to Watch

 by T. Mack


The kiddos are out of school, the graduates have all tossed their caps, and our favorite TV shows have wrapped up the season and left us to fend for ourselves the next four months. Happy Summer! To help get you through the lull, I’ll be bringing you fun lists all week long that might help you fill the void. Today, I give you the gift of movies. Here’s a list of five recent releases that you should take time to check out if you’ve not done so already. Continue reading


by T. Mack

This weekend, Captain America: Civil War hit theaters and is already a massive success! On the heels of this film adaptation of Marvel’s epic Civil War comic series, the company is releasing a sequel comic series that begins next month. Civil War II is coming! Check out the trailer right here.

Have you seen ‘Captain America: Civil War’ yet? What do you think of the new ‘Civil War II’ comic series? Whose side will you choose?Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



By T. Mack

Don’t let this shit happen again, Marvel. We’re watching you.

Learning is good. We should never stop learning. These days, Marvel Studios is learning that their fan base has women who don’t appreciate being ignored and demand to be represented. The studio is further learning that it’s time to get their asses in gear and show proper respect to their female super-heroes. Continue reading