Quaterly YA Book Haul

By: Taylor

Well, I’ve done it again, I’ve bought more books. Every month, I swear that I’m going to read all the books on my shelves and not buy any books until I’m finished. And I literally never listen to myself, I’m such a push over. If it helps, I did restrain myself a little and only bought like 5 books. And honestly, I deserve an award for controlling myself so much. One gold medal, please! Anyway, on with the book haul!

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Shatter Me: When the Store-Brand is Better than the Real Thing

By Jen P

A few years ago, I reviewed a book called Rogue Touch. I liked the book just fine, but it strayed so heavily from the source material, it rubbed a lot of Rogue fans the wrong way. Recently, I found the time to try Shatter Me, by Tahereh Mafi. It’s been in my TBR for so long, I forgot it was there. But I’m glad I found it again. The main character isn’t actually Rogue, and the world isn’t that of the X-Men, but it may as well be both. Read on to find out how. Continue reading