Netflix’s ‘Love Death + Robots’ is Beautiful Captivating, + Incredible

by T. Mack


Netflix has become a powerhouse source for content. From Oscar-award winning films to critically acclaimed television series and even stand-up specials that become pop-culture phenomenons. Netflix is building a reputation for producing (or at least acquiring the rights to distribute) content that is intriguing and worth talking about.


One of their latest offerings is Love Death + Robots, an animated anthology series for adults in which each short episode tells a story of — you guessed it — love, death, and robots… or some combination of the three. Continue reading

Top 10 YA Contemporary

By: Taylor

So, it’s no surprise that I love YA books, I read them exclusively. But it may be a surprise that I love a good contemporary YA book. Sometimes I’m not all about murder, space, historical YA, etc. It’s a bit weird for me, but I’m learning to fully embrace the contemporary genre! There’s something amazing about reading a characters journey through life or particular situation. It can be heartfelt, powerful, sad, joyful, or all of those at once (usually that’s when you know you’ve found a good contemporary YA). While I’m learning to indulge in the contemporary YA genre, I thought I would share my top list of my favorite contemporary reads I’ve read so far. Here we go!

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