Comedy Gets Gut-Punched by Hannah Gadsby

by T. Mack

Hannah Gadsby, a well-known comedian from Tasmania, is quitting comedy. She has her reasons, and in her new Netflix comedy special, Nanette, she tells all about them. If a comedy special seems like a strange place to announce a retirement from comedy, you’re not wrong. Gadsby even admits as much. But the show is her platform and up until now, comedy has been the only voice she’s had to be heard. So Gadsby uses both the platform and her voice to give a few laughs, tell some stories, and educate viewers about some very serious matters.


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10 Questions to Get to Know… Taylor


Welcome back to our week of Getting to Know Sister Geeks and today you’ll get to know me, Taylor. I’m just a simple geek with a love for books, about a million fandoms, and cats. Like, my idea of paradise is going book shopping with no budget, or having a deep or funny conversation with a fellow geek about any fandom, or being surrounded by cats/just watching cat videos. Having all three would be literal heaven for me. Without further delay, let’s dive in to these questions.

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10 Questions to Get to Know… T. Mack


Hey, geeks! Welcome to our week of getting to know Sister Geeks. This week, each of us will take a day to tell you a bit about ourselves. Today it’s my turn to give you a glimpse into my very geeky, slightly crazy mind. Hopefully, you’ll learn something you didn’t know and find a new link that connects us on a geeky level. Later this week, you’ll have the chance to hear from Jen P & Taylor as well. We appreciate you joining us on our geeky journey and hope you love being here as much as we love having you.

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10 Reasons to Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

by Taylor

It’s been a rough few weeks for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The network-that-shall-not-be-named tried to throw this precious gem of a show in the trash, but the wonderful angels at NBC have rescued B99 for another season and all is right with the world (well, not the world, but let’s not get started on that). After having my heart ripped out, stomped on, and taped back together by NBC, I decided that now is the perfect time to make a list celebrating all the reasons to love Brooklyn Nine-Nine*. There are about a million reasons to love this show, but I’ve narrowed it down to my personal top ten. If you haven’t watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet, go binge this show on Hulu right now and then come back and read this list. So sit down and get ready to shout, “Nine-Nine!”

*list is in no particular order

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