Top 5 Lamest Disney Animated Films

By Jen P

By now, any of you who’ve read my articles know that I love Disney. I try to visit the parks once a year, I dress up like Belle for cons, and my kids are even named after characters from a Disney video game. But that being said, Disney isn’t without its flaws.

From gaping plot holes to straight-up racism, Disney has a secret world of sh*t they’d like you to forget about. So grab your popcorn, and read on as I break down my grievances with the most magical media conglomerate on Earth from their least offensive tripe to the blatantly obnoxious. Continue reading

Top 10 YA books to look forward to in 2018

by Taylor

2018 is finally here and fingers crossed it’ll be less of a dumpster fire than 2017. A new year means a new you? NO! It means new books! 2018 seems like it is going to be the year of the amazing reads. All books on this list are young adult books and are first books in a series or stand alone books. Buckle up boys and girls because we are going to go on a YA adventure!

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Top 10 YA Books in 2017

by Taylor

2017 has come and gone (thank goodness) and there were so many wonderful books that came out last year. So I have done you all a favor and picked out my top 10 young adult books that were published in 2017. These books range in topics and genres, but they are all young adult books. Please note that some books may be part of a series and you should totally check out the whole series . All books on this list are worthy of your read, so without further ado, here we go!

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Top 10 ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Specials

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve to you all! As we wrap presents, watch Christmas movies, and patiently wait for Santa to bring us all the geeky presents, it’s time to discuss the real point of Christmas… Doctor Who Christmas specials! Every December 25th we are visited by the world’s most popular guys: Santa and the Doctor. One guy brings presents and the other guy has such an incredible presence. See what I did there? As it is only December 22nd and we must wait a whole 3 more sleeps until the best day of the year, we need to distract ourselves. And I have the perfect distraction: a list! And not just any list. It’s a list of my top 10 Christmas specials*. Hold on to your T.A.R.D.I.S. because here we go! 


I will be discussing highlights and plot points of past Doctor Who episodes which you really should have watched by now. 

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More TV To Binge-Watch

by T. Mack

watching TV.jpg

People greatly underestimate my capacity for TV watching. So far, I’ve done five of these lists (1 & 2, 3, 4, 5) and featured more than 40 shows. You’d think I’d be done. Nope! It’s been more than a year since my last list and I’ve got some excellent new television obsessions. Some are good, others are great, and a few are absolutely wonderful, but they are all entertaining as heck! Here’s hoping you find a new favorite right here.

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