Eye Candy: 10 TV Stars We Love to Crush On

by: Ana eye candy

They’re not just pretty…the below actors and actresses have stepped forward and shown us their acting moves.  Still, they could be selling bathroom cleaner and we would probably all still wipe the drool from our chins.

Join me as we stare off blankly into space, try to remember our own names, and pretend that some day we’ll meet so-and-so at a Hollywood party and take them off in to the sunset.  That’s right, I really did say that…

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Dani’s Top 10 Geeky Resolutions

By: Dani

We all make resolutions and we all fail to stick to them…and by “all,” I mean all of us, literally. Don’t deny it. You know it always sounds good in the beginning and then by about week 3 you start wondering what was so great about that resolution to begin with. And then you try to make a stance against resolutions with the whole “I don’t need a New Year to be better. I can do that anytime I want. Blah Blah Blah.” We all know that’s really code for “F**k losing weight! It’s winter time. I need these extra 15lbs for body warmth!” Continue reading

Dani’s Top 10 Books/Series

By: Dani


I am quite an enthusiastic reader. Some would even say voracious. The kind of reader that would rather stay up all night long to finish a book rather than get some sleep. And believe me when I say this happens on a regular basis. Reading has always been my favorite thing to do. I am the girl that would rather stay in with a good book versus going out somewhere. It’s my way of escaping the world and letting my imagination run wild. Owning a bookstore is my dream job, seriously. So this goes deep for me. It’s not easy for me to pick out my favorite books, especially when I need to keep it within a certain number. But I did it. So this is my Top 10 list, in no particular order..because come on, I did pretty a good job just to keep it to 10! Continue reading