Quarterly YA Book Haul

by Taylor
So, I don’t know about you, but I have a bad habit. I buy books. A lot of books. My To-Be-Read (TBR) pile is already enormous, but I just can’t stop myself. I see a book I want and most of the time I grab it. Everyday is a day to treat yourself to a book. While I may never be able to manage this book buying addiction, I thought I could at least share all the books I’ve bought so far this year and we could commiserate with each other over having way too many books and so little time to read them all. While I did manage to only buy 10 books so far this year, I have tried really hard to actually read some of the books I bought instead of just adding them to my Mt. Everest of TBR. So, without further ado, here is my quarterly YA books haul featuring some mini reviews! Continue reading

Vlog: Wonderful “Wonderfalls”

by T. Mack

Back in 2004, Wonderfalls was a series without a chance. Its network ordered 13 episodes, but only aired four… out of order and on two different nights. Can you guess which network it was? FOX, of course!

Eventually, though, all 13 episodes saw the light of day when the complete series was released on DVD. More than a decade later, very few people remember the series. I happen to be one of the few and over the years, I’ve shared my love of the show with close friends who were willing to give it the time of day. Taylor happened to be such a friend. Together, we’d like to share a bit about the show with you.



If you blinked in 2004, you might have missed this gem of a TV show. Check out T. Mack and Taylor’s review this Friday to find out about this (mostly) forgotten series and where you can go to enjoy all 13 wonder[fall] episodes.

The Ghost of a Friend

by Taylor

I wonder what you will say here at my funeral considering you were the one who killed me. Lord knows you’ll be asked to speak. Will you say, “Here lies the girl who trusted me with everything, even her life. So much so that I decided to just take it because I thought she no longer deserved to live?” Or will you say, “Today we bury the one person who thought I was better than this, better than my past, but she was wrong. Now let’s put this bitch six feet under so I can go smoke?” Honestly, the options are endless. But I know you will get up there in front of that microphone, in front of my family and real friends, and even in front of God, and you will lie your ass off. You will say all the things expected of poor grieving you. You will lie, lie, lie. What a best friend you are. You’ll be sure to get a seat in the front row. Though you and no one else will be able to see me, I’m glad you’ll be there up front. I want to watch you grit your teeth through fake tears and clinch the sides of the podium because this is all just “too much” for you. You think you’ve gotten away with it all. Soon I will be buried and forgotten. You’re so wrapped up in the almost euphoric high of committing a crime and not getting caught that you’ve gotten cocky and complacent. But you have no idea. Your nights of sleep and peace are over. The past is about to come back to haunt you.

Continue reading