How Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Will Change the World

by T. Mack

Black Panther 16.jpg


Before it premiered this past weekend, Marvel’s Black Panther was breaking records for pre-sales and getting ready for one of the most lucrative opening weekends in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) history. The hype surrounding the film has been intense. However, the movie absolutely lives up to all of it. This film deserves to break records. It is a film that sets new standards of excellence within the MCU and within movies in general. It is also a movie that accomplishes much more than making lots of money for film makers and the Disney Empire. This is a movie that is important to the time in which we live. It is a film that speaks to the current racial tension in America and around the world. It addresses the misrepresentation of entire people groups on a systematic level. It showcases representation in media and empowers in many ways a group of people that, though scattered throughout the globe, have all continued to feel an oppression that began hundreds of years ago. It opens the door for better representation not only of blacks, but of all minorities around the world. Possibly most importantly, this is a movie that reminds all of us of the responsibility we have to people around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves, those outside of our own communities, economic and privilege circles, and personal bubbles who could benefit from what we have to offer, but are often unwilling to give.

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The Ladies Level Up with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

By Jen P

Being a huge fan of the Uncharted franchise, I wasn’t sure what to expect from their newest installment, The Lost Legacy. It’s the first of the Uncharted series not to feature protagonist Nathan Drake, who’s been the gaming girl’s answer to uber-sexy Lara Croft since 2007.

uncharted gif nathan.gif

I love you too, Drake. *sigh*

Butt-hurt over my missing eye candy, I was skeptical of a female-led version of Uncharted–especially considering that both the main female protagonists have been Drake’s antagonists at some point during the franchise.

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Black Lightning: The Hero We Didn’t Know We Needed

by T. Mack


If you’re not watching CW’s latest superhero offering, Black Lightning, you’re missing out! The show is based on DC’s first black hero to headline his own comic series. It centers around Jefferson Pierce, a school principal and father of two who also happens to be a retired superhero. Pierce has sworn off his vigilante ways and hasn’t donned his super suit in nine years. He’s tried to inspire people and fight corruption from an official standpoint instead. But he’s failing. His neighborhood has been overrun by a gang known as The 100. When the gang violence hits too close to home, Pierce decides that the time may have come for his alter ego, Black Lightning, to make a come-back.

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Missing the X Factor: A Review of “The Gifted”

by T. Mack


In this Golden Age of superhero films, TV networks have cashed in and created their own superhero empires. CW has the Arrowverse, featuring four difference superhero shows from DC. And they are adding a fifth this month. ABC and Netflix both have shows tying in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in Fall of 2017, Fox brought a brand, new X-Men spin-off series called, The Gifted. Though this new series takes place in an alternate time-line to Fox’s X-Men films, it is still very much tied to the history and notoriety of those heroes. And while the series has its strong points, it somehow fails to quite live up to the legend of its predecessor.

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A Deliciously Shallow Good Time: ‘The Greatest Showman’

by T. Mack


Rotten Tomatoes has The Greatest Showman at a dismal 55% from the critics, but a 90% from the people. The critics are mad because this movie doesn’t even come close to telling the real story of P.T. Barnum. But then, what “inspired by a true story” movie ever really does? The people have judged this movie on it’s beauty, music, humor, and joy. The 90% rating speaks to the happiness audiences feel after watching this film. If you want history, watch a documentary. If you want a helluva show, watch The Greatest Showman!

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