The Incredible Jessica James: She’s Freakin’ Dope!

by T. Mack

Netflix has finally done it. They’ve finally made me use that stupid, new, dumbed-down thumbs-up system.

Netflix thumbs.jpg

I was holding out. I was determined not to cater to a system deliberately less effective than its predecessor; a system created just so Netflix could keep people from truly being able to rate their original content as crappy, even if it is. I wasn’t going to thumbs up anything. Ever. But today, The Incredible Jessica James was finally available for me to watch. And I lost my battle against the thumbs. Because that film was funny, and tender, and raw, and it made me happy in a way that forced me to give it a thumbs up. That’s just how incredible Jessica James is.

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Innocence Lost: A “WONDER WOMAN” Review

by T. Mack

wonder woman banner

Everything you’ve heard about DC’s Wonder Woman is true. It’s a really good film–the best DC has managed to put out so far. It features a terrific script, stellar performances, an amazing musical score, and a full visual color spectrum. The film lives up to the hype and you should definitely make time to see it in theaters. However, there is one element of the film that has gotten less attention than these others. That is the fact that this movie is, in it’s own way, a coming of age story about the loss of innocence. In watching the movie and thinking about it in the days following my viewing, this idea kept coming to the forefront of my mind. I think it deserves to be highlighted, so here we go…

wonder woman 8

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“Humans”: A Synthetic Adventure Ride Worth Taking

Humans: A Synthetic Adventure Ride Worth Taking

By: Ana


In a world where TV show binging has become popular, the truth is, a TV junkie like me runs through shows quickly.  Even shows that stream through Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix can leave you feeling empty the next day because, well, they still run on a “season” system like cable does.  So, what do you do when all of your shows go on hiatus?  Continue reading

Goodbye, Wolverine: A Review of ‘Logan’

by T. Mack

The film, Logan, is many things. It’s the tenth installment in the X-Men movie franchise. It’s the third Wolverine film within the same set of movies. It’s Hugh Jackman’s last turn as the titular character. And it’s only the second R-rated superhero film in this new Golden Age of Superhero Movies. It’s also an incredibly complex emotional journey for the characters and the audience. It’s a fitting tribute to the character, both from the comics and as he’s been played by Jackman for the last 17 years. You read that right… 17 years! The film is the truest interpretation of the character that’s ever been allowed on the silver screen (due in large part to its R rating). It manages to be a superhero movie while also being a gritty western.The movie is perfectly gory and violent. It is heart-wrenching and tragic. It is a great story, a beautiful work of cinematic art and a downright excellent film.


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La La Land: Yes, It Was Amazing, But…

by T. Mack


This article is about my particular experience with the 2016 film, La La Land, which was written and directed by Damien Chazelle and stars the wonderful Ryan Gosling and utterly amazing Emma Stone. Let me start by saying La La Land deserves the hype it’s gotten. It is, as many have said, a fitting and nearly-perfect tribute to the musicals of Hollywood’s Golden Age. It is well-written, beautifully shot, wonderfully directed, and brilliantly acted. The movie deserves the Golden Globes it received earlier this week. I imagine there are quite a number of Oscars in its future as well. My rating: 4.5 SHIELDS

4.5 SG Shields

If you just wanted to know if I liked this movie or not, there’s your answer. You can stop reading now and move on with your life. However, if you want to know how and why this movie turned me and my friends into cliches and put us so deep in our feelings that we literally (not literally as figuratively, but actually literally) screamed in the theater, you should continue. Be warned, though…

Ahead there be SPOILERS!

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