Fandom Funnies!

by T. Mack

It used to be that with the exception of Star Trek and Star Wars, differing fandoms could exist in peace without much strife. Then came the internet and character rap battles. We watch these videos and even when we love both sides, we feel pressure to pick a winner. I adore both these strong, female characters and their respective franchises. But seriously, I think that one burn (you’ll know it when you hear it) puts Hermione on top of Katniss in this battle. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Who do you think won this rap battle? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday Funday! Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal

by: Ana

Recently, on “Wired”, Ryan Reynolds and Jack Gyllenhaal participated in a fun activity while promoting their new movie “Life” which is currently in theaters.

The two actors seemed to enjoy each other’s company as they poked fun at one another while answering questions that people often Google about them.

The video was fun to watch. Maybe some of your burning questions about these two will get answered!  Hope you enjoy!  And just in case you’re curious, I’ve also included a link to the “Life” trailer as well.



By Jen P

Since summertime is all about fun, how about a little comedy? This week, I present to you Every Superhero Ever, by Smosh, parodying all those superhero cliches and offensive missteps. You’ve been warned, this one’s pervy, rude, and everything in-between. Enjoy!

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Sunday Funday: Running Man Challenge!

Looking for something fun to watch and maybe an easy/trendy new dance to share with your friends?

Then take up the “Running Man Challenge”.  It has been the craze that has been blowing up the internet for the past couple of months, but just in case you haven’t heard of it, allow us at Sister Geeks to share it with you.

Do you think the Sister Geeks should take up the
“Running Man Challenge”?



By: Dani

The Chewbacca mask that broke the internet. Candace Payne posted a video of herself wearing a Chewbacca mask and laughing hysterically. And it has made the rest of the world laugh hysterically, too. Seriously, it’s been viewed 60+ million times. So for your enjoyment on this wonderful Sunday morning, I present to you ‘The Laughing Chewbacca Lady.’ And I dare you not to laugh!